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Urns BG is Bulgarian company specialized in casting of non-ferrous metals and in manufacture of high quality metal funeral urns.

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About Us

Our manufacturing is a closed loop process, encompassing all stages of the development of our products – from the drawing board to production, including model casting, foundry and mechanical treatment.

We operate our own industrial unit equipped with tools and machinery, which allow for quality control and independence in the process of design and the creation of molds and formation equipment. Our foundry is fundamental for the company’s progress and development. Through innovative technologies we are capable of producing complex shapes with high accuracy.

Years of management experience and engineering capabilities have allowed our team to build a well-organized manufacture aimed towards high quality at competitive prices.

international quality standard
All production processes and products we deliver are in accordance with international quality standards. We are well aware of the high market demands and continuous improvement is of great importance to us.

Our strength lies in the individual approach to each and every client, ensuring customer convenience, making us a preferred partner!



Urn Salvation

Material – Aluminum
Volume – 2.7 liters

Urn Avalon

Material – Aluminum
Volume – 4.2 liters

Urn Amon Ra

Material – MDF
Volume – 5 liters

Urn Memory

Material – Aluminum
Volume – 4.2 liters

Urn Janus

Material – Aluminum
Volume – 4.2 liters

Urns BG

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